Refine your wardrobe and refresh your space with style and confidence. 


Hello, I'm Ailsa. How can I help? 


We will work together re-organising your wardrobe and space so style and function reign in harmony. 

You will feel proud of your clothes and surroundings, confident in your style.

Not had time to think through your outfit?

I will guide you to evaluate and appreciate, to choose clothes that bring you joy.

Always battling to get your house ‘streamlined’? 

Our plan will enhance the look and flow of your home.

"Fashion changes, but style endures" Coco Chanel


How it works

It all starts with a non-obligation chat - we'll talk about your wardrobe or home and take it from there.


Happy Space Testimonials

"It was a really special day.

It has been mental and physical space clearing with fun styling. It is confidence boosting with practical after care (clothes sale and mending).


I loved it. It was such a treat just to have you focus on me, my clothes and space. I did not want it to end and I want you back!


Btw still loving the Ailsa effect, my wardrobe is brilliant, so happy."



What people say.............

"Ailsa is approachable, enthusiastic,

engaging, unpretentious."

"Actually listens to what you say and makes you feel valued."

"Empathetic, kind, organised."

"Someone who values connection and takes time to really get to know you."

"Is people focused, level headed and thoughtful."



active shot1.JPG

"I don’t know how to thank you! Amazing


I feel 1 million dollars. I'll continue to wear some of my old clothes but with new chinaz! Thank you lovely lady. What a great, great feeling it is! Transformative


It was such a pleasure having you here this morning I am totally surprised at how easy it felt to let things go… I didn’t expect to be able to get rid of so much.

I can't wait for your clothes sale!"


Photo 15-08-2020, 11 28 37.jpg

"A BIG THANK YOU for all you have done for me/us this week.

Ailsa quickly identified that the root of the distress I was feeling was the overall organisation of the kitchen space.

She went into deep thought for an hour and did some drawings. She returned with great gusto and sensitively explained how she could organise the kitchen better suited to our busy day. The follow up plan was priceless."


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